Grace House Breaks Ground on $1.9 Million Shelter Expansion

Grace House Breaks Ground on $1.9 Million Shelter Expansion


Grace House Breaks Ground on $1.9 Million Shelter Expansion

Grace House Breaks Ground on $1.9 Million Shelter Expansion & Remodel Project

Grace House Homeless Shelter Expansion & Remodeling Project - May, 9, 2024.On May 9, 2024, Grace House of Itasca County lauded staff, grant writers, partners, original founders, and more with a public announcement of the $1.9 million groundbreaking shelter expansion and remodel building project that will double Grace House’s capacity.

Grace House’s $1.9 million shelter expansion and remodel project will double their capacity from 8 rooms with 10 beds in a communal setting to 16 private rooms with 20 beds. The groundbreaking ceremony was full of dedicated staff, changemakers, partners, and community members.

Dustin Witkofsky, Program Director at Grace House, said that this update will allow guests to “get comfortable with stability,” and hopefully inspire and motivate guests to understand that they can aim for stability in their lives and want to have a room of one’s own. Grace House was very intentional with the building design. Witkofsky said, “There’s windows and natural light in each room. We put a lot of thought into how to create an environment that’s productive to productivity.” Witkofsky also commented on the restrooms and that they will remain open to the public. He said if they are full, people can still come in and shower or do laundry and use the space to help people.

On the topic of homelessness in our society, President of the Grace House Board, Megan Hilback, spoke about how projects like these will hopefully create a future where homelessness can be just a memory. She said, “Today marks a pivotal moment in our journey for the brighter future for those most in need in our community. For too long homelessness has been an epidemic affecting individuals and families from all walks of life. It is a stark reminder of the systemic injustices and inequalities that persist in our society. We recognize that homelessness is not merely a statistic or a societal issue, it is a human experience characterized by stories of struggle, perseverance, and untapped potential. Each person who walks through our doors carries with them a unique narrative, deserving dignity, respect, and the opportunity to rewrite their own future.”

HAWK Construction is the general contractor. The project is slated for completion in December, 2024.