Why Volunteer at Grace House?

Good People Needed

Why Volunteer at
Grace House?

Simply put: we need your help. Grace House has numerous tasks that need to be performed everyday in order for us to provide the necessary services to those in need in our community. There is always more work to be done than there are individuals available.

Volunteering has many benefits, not just to the Grace House, but also to the individual. Studies have shown that volunteering increases self-esteem, reduces stress, and combats social isolation in individuals.

Webster’s dictionary defines volunteer as: one who enters into or offers himself for a service voluntarily. We like to define volunteer as: the heart and soul of Grace House.

We have some wonderful people who come here to offer us one simple little thing: their time! It’s a valuable commodity that everyone has. We appreciate everyone who gives up some of their time to help us help the needy of this community.

Grace House has many ways for you to help make a difference in the lives of homeless men, women, and children.

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If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Grace House, please take a moment and read our Volunteer Guidelines, then fill out the Volunteer Application. Links can found below.

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C ompassion
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